Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holding Time.

There's not much to report at the moment, apart from the fact my abilities increased. Every now and then (after ages of running missions, tagging access nodes or just beating up ugly gang members), you get a sudden rush of awareness.

After that, you can remember more abilities, can upgrade you present ones but If you know enough, then you can get the higher level abilities.

Sound's straight forward?

In the Matrix?

You must be joking.

The Lower abilities are normally available from a vendor somewhere. However, the more advanced can only be hand written. This means you have one of three ways to get it.

1. Find a friendly coder who can write the ability for you.
2. Buy the ability off the Marketplace (A curious place where redpills buy and sell good to one another for very silly amounts of $info).
3. Code it yourself.

Normally I do option three. Which is always the cheaper of the options (Well, I am a Scot after all).

Yet again, there is now another problem. As I've already said in this blog before, You need to have the right pieces of code to create an object. Pieces of Code can be in turn be coded from the various amounts of bit's which are recovered from the various gang members or leaks in the system. However, There are one set of Code blocks that can't be coded. These are Red Code Fragments and there are only two ways to get them.

1. Ambush the exile gangs until you find a red flag in the remains of an exile.
2. Mine them from Data clusters.

There's another difference with coding abilities, As soon as you're awareness increases, you are suddenly aware of the code structure of these abilities. Normally, you have to decompile items to learn their 'recipe'. However, for some magical reason, we all know the building blocks which are required for an ability. Trust me when I say that this is not a complaint. Imagine how much pain we'd have to go through, otherwise.

Anyway, It's Christmas next week and some of us got together to celebrate the fact.

Looks like I'll be kicking Yeti Butt!

Friday, December 5, 2008

En Passant.

Well, Here's an old face that I haven't seen for a While. The Chessman, who lives at Tabor Park. His Latest set of Chess pieces have gone missing, so he'd like me to inquire where they've gone.

He's given me the address of the sculptress. Now, there are times when I load my ability maker abilities. Being able to decompile all the scavenged items and recode them at a later point is a great way to help out other red pills that are short of items. Some people sell them but I normally give them away for free.

Anyway, I digress. The sculptress can write code that I can only dream about so it was nice to meet such a master coder. Wish I could have asked her for some help with a new jacket of mine but she was in a rush.

One Location later, I discover the pound dog exile gang. Ironically, I just kicked they're backside to get my latest access key. Guess what, I had to hand them their butts back again. Eventually, I got to meet Big Sam. Now I quite like him and the thought of going up against him didn't settle well with me, thankfully all he wanted to do was talk.

Yup, he stole it and has it hidden. The Chessman didn't have a backup plan (which for him is unusual) so he resigned the game. Heck I don't mind being a gopher as long as I get paid, with a little bit of XP as well. Still there was some enhanced gloves for me as well. Pity I had better ones. ;-)

On the global front, Danniel Wright has been causing pain Downtown. I'm beginning to suspect what she's up to as well. She's trying to shutdown the Matrix. If I remember rightly, the Matrix was rebooted, every time zion was destroyed. The 'One' would then choose people to repopulate Zion and the whole thing would start all over again. However, if the one decided not to go along with the Machines, then the backlash would kill every human in the matrix and the machines would have just enough power left to wipe out Zion.

Why this didn't happen with Neo, is something I'm not quite clear on. But imagine this scenario, Wright manages to initiate the same kind of backlash which kills every blue pill in their pods. The machines now have limited power. New Zion, must then hold up against the machines until their power runs out. New Zion wins.

It's equivalent to what the Romans called poising the well. If you look at it logically, It's an avenue to victory. Morally, I have two serious issues with it.

1. We're supposed to free the Blue pills, not kill them.
2. We'd loose our program allies, Seraph and Sati.
3. We commit genocide against a race.

I know point 3 is what the machines would have done to us if it wasn't for the power thing, but it's this ability to look at things with more than Logic that makes us human.

It might be that Wright wants to hold the machines to ransom. "To have the power to destroy something, gives you power over it." to quote Dune.

Personally, I'd prefer the oracle's suggestion of co-operation, both human and machine working together. IMO, it's the only way to get our planet back to how it used to be.

Any comments on my theories are welcome as usual.

OH, and there was an interesting Party as well :-)

Signing Off.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Access Required

The time has come to get access to the more remote places in the Matrix. This means tagging an Access node and it's going to need a little bit of preparation. Under the original terms of the truce, All Red Pills (even the ones working for the machines) were limited to the Richland area of the Megacity. If you're found out outside that area, you get one of the greater agents chasing you. These are not twice as powerful as you could be, these are five times as powerful.

It gives you new respect for Neo, if he could take on hundreds of these (I'm thinking of the Smiths at the burly bawl). Strangely enough, the agents don't come after you in Richland, even though we're supposed to be at war. Not even the lesser ones which seem to be waiting for you at the occasional Hardline.

Anyway, I digress. Don't get me wrong, you can still go to the Forbidden area's but you start hyperjumping, fighting or, god forbid, Data Mining and the Machines will hear you. Next thing you know, you're running from the Greater Agents and trust me their bullets hurt a lot more than normal ones.

In order to get access to the forbidden parts of the Matrix, the Frenchman set up a load of access nodes. The idea is simple, you manage to tag an access node with the correct permission card and the machine's can't detect you're presence in that Neighbourhood. I can't believe I'm going to say this but 'Thank God' for the Frenchman.

However, it's never easy. The Frenchman has gangs all over the Matrix and each of their leaders carry an access card to another part of the system. It's just a case of selecting the right Gang Leader, kicking their bottom into the middle of next week, taking the card and finding the right access node.

I've decided to go after Big Dog. The gang leader of the Dog Pound. He's got the access key to Union Hill so you've got to put in some time to find where he hangs out.

Once there, expect a fight. You never get a chance for someone to hand an access card over. The animosity between the exiles programs and Red pills come to a head here and it's a hard fight.

However, a program will never be able to match a red pill when we're able to bend the rules.

Now we steal the card and start looking for the Access Node.

Once you find it, A quick Jump in and then out again before the other gang know what's happened.

Access Gained, Another area of fun and frolics are available to you.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What the Flying Fudge?

It happenens every year.

I don't know if this happenned before Neo arranged the truce but about this time something funny happens.I know the Matrix needed a reboot, which was the whole purpose of 'the one', but the glitches seems to get worse every year. It seems that every year Smith manages to get back into the matrix somehow and it takes the effort of every redpill in the system to beat him back (how the hell we're going to do it nexttime when the oracle's not here I've got no idea).

I love a lady in red!

The other is Christmas, I can even understand this. It's part of the illusion that keeps the bluepills where there are. Howeverm the system always seems to over compensate and before you know it, you're dealing with yeti's and other winter based mythical creatures which were left over from previous versions of the Matrix.

It's not easy being green.

But it's Haloween at the moment and you can't see you're hand in front of you're face. Making runs through the Matrix is nerve wracking at the best of time but now we've got leakage again. Instead of dealing with Goths and Crusties (Vampires and Wearwolves), we've got to deal with Zombies.

I don't know which version of the Matrix they have come from. It does make you wonder if there is some machine equivelent to 'cake' that the Architect was on when originally designed it.


Sorry Guys, you're not getting My BRAINS!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wheels within Wheels.

You can feel it in the air, something is happening. There is a feeling of underlying tension, which has been slowly building since the Oracle passed away. It’s all down to the Biological Interface Program.

Danielle Wright did not die, as the machines claim she did. She’s now confirmed as being Alive and well, if a bit transparent. She’s now a wireframe and the only side she’s on is her own. She claims that the BIP is hers. I.e. she created it, so she owns it. If she did create it, it blows away my theory that the BIP is part of the One.

There is now increased tension between the Kid’s Neo Worshipers and Cryptos' Machine extremists. You do get the feeling that the E Pluribus Neo and the Cypherites, under Veil, are going to have a head on clash quite soon. They’re pretty evenly balanced so they will probably wipe each other out. All I feel you can do in these cases is to take a step back and then help those in the fallout after the explosion.

I know that the Kid is back in the real and hurt somewhere. He was looking for the Oligarchs and due to the fact his hovercraft was attacked by Advanced Fighter Craft, it imply that there is something else out there. Now here’s the thing, what if Humanity wasn’t completely defeated by the Machines. We all now know that the machine defeat of mankind lead to creation of Zion but we only have the machine created archives in Zion as a basis for our history. Hell, we don’t even know how far we are in the future from our 1999 matrix frozen time.

Now, what if the Oligarchs are the descendants of that original war? An outpost of Humanity similar to what we through Zion was. Or were they on the Machine’s side at the time. Humans who sympathised with the Machine slaves that Humanity had created at the time. So many questions and boy do we love asking them.

However, I had a big moment last week. I was running through my Historical training missions and met Morpheus. That was unexpected and a pleasant surprise at the same time. I awoke not long after he had been killed but just to meet the man, even in simulation, was a thrill. I know the Frenchman wrote a simulation of him and released him into the Matrix. That program is trying to evaluate if he is Morpheus, just a copy or something else entirely.

In other news, The frenchman's wife, has decided that blue pills are worth the attempt to save. This is unusal for the bored, but devestatingly beautiful, housewife. She appears to have found new purpose to her life.

However, the real scarey thing was the latest mission I ran for Tyndall. It was the usual run around after the BIP however, it was working with the Morpheus simulation. Tyndall was spooked to say the least but to end with the 'knock knock' joke is unusual for anybody in the Matrix. I might have to re-evaluate my theory back to being BIP being part of the one.

It's a head scratcher.

Signing Off.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Suicide is no Solution.

Well, Here's a turn up for the books. It turns out that the 'Mistress' is a little depressed. She's been inquiring about oblivion (i.e. deletion). It's interesting to see that programs don't have any more solutions to the really big questions like 'why are we here?' or even Smith's favorite 'What is you're purpose in life?'

That the question I'm thinking of as I sit here in Debiner court, thinking about the latest twists and turns going online.

Debiner court is the site of the Burley Brawl. The second fight between Neo and the Smiths (That sounds like the new student band from Manchester). Anyway, I met the Oracle here once. She was trying to contact an operative called cloudwolf and a little discussion was had about the state of the matrix at that time. Such a nice old lady but as all things in the Matrix are never what they really seem, she was a program. Not just any program but one of the programs that created this virtual prison.

I was always curious about the fact that she was helping us. Was she programmed to? Was she like a prison warder who began to sympathise with the prisoners? She treated us all like children but only in the way she wanted us to discover and grow ourselves.

Why am I thinking about her so much? Because this is where she died. One of the Oligraphs, Halborn, killed her for this blasted biological interface program.

I'm beginning to suspect that the BIP is something more important that just a trinket for the Frenchman to chase. There are rumors that it's alive, semi-sentient. Here's my wacky theory. When the one was created, there was code inserted into the once which allowed him to do what he did, it was also this same code which had to be reinserted into the Machine central computer in order to reset the Matrix.

What if the BIP is the part of the one. The code but without a human host. That would certainly be worth all this effort. Imagine being able to duplicate the 'one' at your leasure.

Interesting thoughts.

Logging off.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The One Moment, EVERYONE remembers!

In every red pill’s growth there is this moment, you have learnt just enough about the Matrix to handle the Jump Ability. I think it’s the moment that most new starter red pills always look forward to. The first thing they do is load the ability and then head to the Tabor Park West Hardline.

There are two buildings here, just about the right height. You head up to the one of you’re choice and then prepare yourself to jump. Sure you’ve tried it before but instead you’ve fallen all eighteen stories and got a sore bottom for you’re trouble. As the traitor Cypher used to say, “Everyone fails the first time.” That included Neo, if you believe the legend.

But now you’re ready, you can do this. You focus on you’re landing spot, start running and then you activate the Jump.


Every Redpill handle it differently but the first time you land and look back at where you’ve been, all you can say is ‘Whoa’!

Of course, after that, you’re jumping everywhere and it’s the best defensive measure to get away from exile gangs or even agents. It’s a funny thing, it’s like the agents have forgotten how to jump. Before the war they could jump better than any of us and now they don’t.

But even after all the Jumps you do, you always remember the first time!


Logging Off.

Monday, September 22, 2008

After this, I'll need a little time to recover.

My virtual Lungs are burning, things have gone wrong and I mean very wrong. Hampton Green is overflowing with Lupines and I'm taking a beating. MindSweepX, Xanthian and I are part of a Zion group hitting the Merovingian's Hell club. Colt is attempting to retrieve the Biological Interface Program from the Frenchman. There are more of us than them, but they're a little bit better. All I can do is hang back and throw viruses to freeze them while Mind and Xan break heads.

Trying to hang back is a better way of describing it, I've been hit twice by these crusties and they're claws are sharp. It's at moments like these, when you're blood is spilling out over the pavement and you're sure you can feel rubble in you're mouth that used to be you're teeth, you forget it's not real.

I manage to just root the werewolf to the ground but she pulls out one of the biggest guns I've ever seen and levels it at me. God, this is going to hurt. But the bullets never come. MindX gets her with a flying kick to the head and follows with a roundhouse to drop her to the floor.

We have a moment to spare before the next lot come running at us. The Frenchman saved exiles from previous version of the Matrix. Vampires and Werewolves (or Goths and Crusties, as I like to call them) are amongst his best foot soldiers. But the can be a right pain in the neck (literally).

I get a spasm of pain and can see my ribs exposed outside my body, but then you remember that this is not you're body and it begins to heal. It is an odd sensation seeing the skin regrow over the wounds and feeling the bones click back into place. But it's the memory of that slashing claw that stays with you, is that how it would feel in real life?

There's no more time because I hear a Feral Scream as Ookami joins the fray.

Here we go again!

The full report is here and here!

Oh and in other news, Tamedragon has decided to change from Machine to EPN. Glad to have you back on the side of Zion (Kind of) but you do have to question the price of loyalty these days.

I've got to stay in the real for a while, but hopefully, I'll be back the in a while.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rebel Runner

I love the thrill of making a run through Downtown, where the gangs are still a challenge and I haven't tagged the access nodes yet. This means Agents. Not just the lower powered agents that appear when you appear in other districts, these are agents who have the abilities of Smith (before his confrontation with Neo). There's still tons I can do to stop getting bored, the trick is not to call Tydrell every five minutes. But there has to something said about jumping through the huge skyscrapers of Downtown. It makes you feel like a rebel without a cause! (However I come across as a rebel without a clue. !!!)

I do have a confession to make, I love the International District. There is something different about it. There's not the grime and degradation of west view or richland, it's claustrophobic alleyways always seem to throw up a surprise or two. For me, it's the best place to get things to together to code new clothes.

I've also given myself the goal of improving my wardrobe. It's not enough to be able to jump tall buildings in a single bound, you have to look cool while doing it as well. And it's about time I improved my threads, so they're a little more helpful when in a fight. One of the fun things about the matrix is that you're clothes don't have to obey the rules, just like you don't have to. This means you can code a bullet proof shirt that looks like silk or jacket which viruses will just bounce off. Very Handy, if you're surrounded by a gang with machine guns.

However, in order to be able to code these items, you need special pieces of code which cannot be written by using the bits and bytes you pick up from time to time. And this means, taking on the gangs which normally have them. These Red fragments of code are amongst the rarest pieces of code in the Matrix and on the Black Market they go for millions. Whether they're part of the exiles that I delete/kill or if those programs carry the fragment like they do their guns, I haven't been able to determine.

As I'm being fashion slave at the moment, I'm helping the SeamStress out. I always thought the superficial world of fashion design was cut-throat, it's just I didn't expect others to try and cut my throat over it. I mean in the real we all wear thread bare jumpers and badly fitting trousers, so I guess we need a bit of Glamour.

On the final subject of Glamour; Tamedragon, A machine operative, who also runs a propaganda radio station, had a party. There is a point where a red pill cannot grow anymore. They have reached their full potential. At this point, most decide to celebrate in some way. There is something to be said for the fact that when there is a party (like last week's wedding), all hostilities cease.

Next week however, she'll be back trying to kill me. Maybe I shouldn't have said that the pants she was wearing made her bum look big.

Signing Off

Phoenix Dfire

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Moment of reflection.

The truce was back in place this week for a very rare occasion.

A Wedding?!?

It was arranged at Cameron Heights Church and it was great to watch. It was very well organised and the effort by all Parties was fantastic. Hundreds of other Red Pills turning up to wish them well. It didn't matter if they were loyal to Zion, the Frenchman or the System, they were all there without a single gun being drawn or kung fu kick being performed.

At the reception afterwards, the usual happened, the ex-boy friend turned up and there was a fight on the dance floor (but not involving the ex surprisingly). It does seem that no-one can dance well at a wedding!

It's quite ironic that for these couple of hours, it didn't matter whose faction you were with but afterwards, we'd all be ready to take down the guy/girl we were dancing with earlier.

It is moments like this, I wish the truce could have held. I didn't want to make war with the machinist girls that night!

Oh! And it turned out that Ms Wright's demise has been greatly exaggerated and it now seems that she's either allied with the Oligarchs or she's managed to replicate their technology.

Another twist to the tale.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun in the Playground.

I've been very sociable this week. MindsweepX and Meself (Is that a gag on Smith's Me too line?) from the Black Code needed my help in the Playground. There are new clothes and gadgets available if you can collect the marbles dropped by these 'sleepwalkers' who appear from toy boxes. These toy boxes are bought and can only be opened in the playground. The idea is quite simple. Take out the sleepwalkers, loot the remains, trade the remains for new stuff.

Kicking Sleepwalker Bottom

The Playground construct has been written by Sati. The little girl who was looked after by Seraph and the Oracle. Well, I say a little girl, she's really a program. A program created by two other programs and by that process; their child. In the machine world, she has no purpose. She would have been deleted if the machines had been able to. However, you can't tell that she's a machine. she's as creative and as full as energy as any human child I know. The construct is pretty, colourful and bright, just like a child's drawing.

Reinforcements Had to be called in

But here's the interesting thing. Is she always going to remain a child? Will she learn and grow up or will she remain a child for as long as she exists. That's the difference between red pills and the Programs which live in the Matrix. Time in the Matrix is effectively frozen. For the bluepils, the year is always 1999. The Weapons, clothes and the most telling item, the phones, are all the same. Somehow, the architect has managed to work it that as you grow older, you're birthday moves backward, as does you're memories.

How can I explain it? By where a constant in time is. In the real, when you are born, that time is always a constant. You were born on the 1st January 1999, that will always be your birthday and time will always move forward. so by 2008, you're nine years old. However in the matrix, the constant has moved. It's not you're birth date that the constant, it's the year you're living in. You still get older, the nice year old is still nine but the matrix makes you think that you were born in 1990 instead of 1999. It fits your experiences retrospectively so what you did five year's ago fits in with the environment of 1994.

It's only when you become a red pill does the whole illusion become apparent. It's been almost five years since Neo stopped Smith, but to any blue-pill, that would have occur ed in 1994. The programs around since the beginning haven't seemed to change, the Frenchman is still as irritating as ever, his wife is still trying to find the definition to 'love'. Does that mean that although Sati gains new experiences and memories, she doesn't learn from them?

Is that the main difference between Human and Machine?

That's enough Philosophy, Tyndrell's calling!

Signing Off.

Friday, August 29, 2008


In order to keep my hit rate up, I've decided to do two things. History Lesson's and Freelancing.

All the organisations here belive that the best way to learn about history here is to do it. So they've set up ways to make runs, revolving around the big events of last few years. It's a great way to find out how we got to where we are.

However, it's freelancing that's taking up my time at the moment. All through the Matrix, there are programs or contacts that need something done. Something only a red pill can do. They don't seem to be fussy about the fact that I'm from Zion but they pay well, which is always handly.

Wheeee! Long Jump!

However, they do have their down side. Although I've never had to take on a fellow Zion operative, I do find I have to work with some people I don't want to. For example, I hate the ASP Gang. I was stuck running from them, fighting them and they were generally a pain in my backside for longer than any other gang I've delt with.

Nowadays, they stay respectfully away. I've taken enough of them down for them to realise it's not worth their time to try. Still doesnt't make me like them. But Now I'm running a few missions for Amber. She effectivly runs the ASPs and any work that I do for her, means I work for them. Talk about forget the morals and think of the money.

Still, it makes you think. What did those programs do for the machines before they ran into the matrix. I must admit the thought of being deleted once you've been superceeded does seem very hash. It would be the equivelent of a son killing off his father to get his job. No wonder they run. Still, that's the machines for you.

One thing I've always wondered, if you delete a program here, do they return to the source anyway? And what is this 'source'? In order for the Matrix to be reloaded, 'the one' was supposed to return to the source. The code placed inside the one, will have been extracted and the applied to the system. What happened to the Human part of him. Is there a contrust somewhere holding the other 'ones'? Or even, could these wireframe men, be the other 'one's?

Speculating, It's a great way to pass the time until you get another call from Tyndell.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Paying Respects

Gracey Heights is not one of my favorite places but you have to visit here once in a while just to remember. I still haven't broken out of my melancholy yet. A week of moping around does nothing to improve you're outlook. But here, hidden underneath a broken, run down bar, you get a sense of what it's all about.

A body is suspended, two metres above the ground. It's not fully formed, as if it was stuck half way between jacking in and the real. Gently glowing green, brings a measure of calm to this dingy basement. This is the remains of Thomas Anderson, or as everybody else knows him - NEO.

Every RedPill has been here and seen this. There's debate to whether or not it's what the machines claim it is but to be honest, that debate is not important. The fact that there is somewhere to remember him is important. It's a pity it's being forgotten.

With the War restarting, it feels that his sacrifice was in vain. All we got was a pause and we all lost the chance to discover what the other side was all about. I keep on hearing the words of another departed soul. The Oracle always said that only man and machine working together would allow us to move forward.

What was she hoping, to heal the surface of the earth so we can all live there again? Explore outside the confines of this planet? It seems all so remote now.

I was ready to do my part earlier this week. A call had gone out for volunteers to help Ghost. It was all to do with Biological Interface program again. But, it was not to be, like I said, when I'm needed in the real, I have to leave. No matter how much you want to stay.

I'm woken from my pondering by my cell phone. This small sleek phone being my only link to the real. Tyndrell is calling for her weekly chat. I say chat, there's not even a how do you do, just can you do this thing for me. And Off I go, like a good little soldier. Sometimes, just obeying orders is what you need to take you're mind off things.

Signing Off...


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thinking out loud.

So Here I am, Standing on the roof of City Hall in Chelsea, looking south over the intersection. I can see the suspension bridge leading to Richland through the mist. I'm feeling in a melancholy mood so I thought I'd jot down a few notes of what it's like being a Red Pill for the last three years.

I'm a Hacker, a Coder and a even Miner when I want to be. I'm nowhere near my full potential but I know enough to be a pain in the arse to certain parties.
At the moment, I'm a miner. My visor is down and I can see the leaks everywhere. Ever since the new Mining construct has been discovered, nobody mines out in the neighbourhoods anymore. It's great because normally that means there are plenty of leaks to take advantage of.

It also give you time to think, thinking mostly about recent history. Everybody knows what happened to Neo, even all the blue pills know on a subconscious level. However, do they know about what's happened since? No chance.

We've lost so many, Morpheus, the Oracle, many of my friends and factions. The Goodfella's, the negotiators; all gone. Good crews either KIA or just faded back into the real. Even the radio is becoming more and more quiet.

I'm with the Black Code now. A better bunch of people you couldn't wish for. However, the same cannot be said for me. I'm only part time, I have a wife and two children in the real and they're needs are a higher priority to this virtual life but for the few hours when I am a red pill, I reel released. Ironic that I return to the simulation of a prison to feel free.

Most of the other Blue Pills I know, have the same amount of free time but they use it to watch sports. I find it ironic that they laugh at people they consider freaks, but they all dress up like their heroes in they're football strips and coloured scarfs.

Anyway, I'm letting my thoughts meander again and I do have to focus on the present. To be honest, I've kind of found myself directionless, since the Oracle died, the visions I used to look forward to seeing have stopped. Is this connected to the Oracle's death? Perhaps without her future sight, we can't see what's happening anymore. I'm now reduced to reading the newspapers and listening to rumours over the web.

The General is now part of the Merv's organisation, as is the remainder of any Anomie's Unlimits. Anomie is dead and good riddance to him. But the Merv now has this mythical Biological Interface. The Frenchman is always busy it seems and now he's holding all the cards.

It always makes me smile, perhaps we should just give this Machine-Human Interface to Ghost and Agent Pace and tell them to 'get a room'.

Ah Yes, The agents. Always fun to play tag with an Agent. The truce is gone, I didn't want it to be but there it is. The machines see New Zion as a lack of Trust and an Act of War.

At least you don't die now. It still hurts when the bullets hit, you still feel every punch but it's not as deadly as the last war. Mind you, it's not the same for the exiled programs and the blue pills, you die here, there's no coming back. The only way to die in the matrix is to be targeted by specially made kill code bullets. But the Agents don't use them that often and I do wonder if all this War is some kind of Act. It feels like they're pulling their punches.

But it wasn't the Machines who took the Oracle away from us. The Intruders, Halborn and Carlyne, the wire frame men from Oligarchs; they did that. They look so basic and crude yet they're able to defeat even the best of us. Where do they come from and why is the Biological Interface so important to them?

Oligarchs, an elite few secretly ruling millions/billions? Even the Machines don't want them back in here, are they a threat to even them?

So many questions, and do when have the time to answer them? Maybe, maybe not. Tyndrell talks to me about once a week to 'make a run for her'. They can be a challenge, and I know I wouldn't be good enough without my team mates. Still, all this corporate shenanigans is an agreeable diversion.

Anyway, it's time to mine and earn some money, Living whilst plugged in isn't cheep. Typical, the better you get, the more bills you have to pay.

Signing Off