Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Moment of reflection.

The truce was back in place this week for a very rare occasion.

A Wedding?!?

It was arranged at Cameron Heights Church and it was great to watch. It was very well organised and the effort by all Parties was fantastic. Hundreds of other Red Pills turning up to wish them well. It didn't matter if they were loyal to Zion, the Frenchman or the System, they were all there without a single gun being drawn or kung fu kick being performed.

At the reception afterwards, the usual happened, the ex-boy friend turned up and there was a fight on the dance floor (but not involving the ex surprisingly). It does seem that no-one can dance well at a wedding!

It's quite ironic that for these couple of hours, it didn't matter whose faction you were with but afterwards, we'd all be ready to take down the guy/girl we were dancing with earlier.

It is moments like this, I wish the truce could have held. I didn't want to make war with the machinist girls that night!

Oh! And it turned out that Ms Wright's demise has been greatly exaggerated and it now seems that she's either allied with the Oligarchs or she's managed to replicate their technology.

Another twist to the tale.

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