Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's all on Hold!?!

Things were really hotting up. We managed to confirm that the Fabled BIP was actually Trinity. She was reserected, which was why the assasin wasn't allowed to recycle her body. We found out who the Oligraphs were.

But something's happened. There was a big fight on the top of the government building, where neo met the archtect, but after that things just froze, and then they kind of didn't.

It's like the truce was back. No Agents chasing you, if you've got the access nodes tagged. The matrix carries on for the Blue Pills as per usual, but both new zion and the machines dance around each other as usual with the frenchman making money and influance behind the senes. The only real differences between what was then and now is that both Morheous and the Oracle are dead.

Is this Limbo or is it hell. just imagine, never aging just remaining doing the same thing again. Just like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the mountain just to have it roll back over you. Still, it's more fun than the boulder but it does feel just as pointless.

The Big question remains....

Now What?