Friday, August 29, 2008


In order to keep my hit rate up, I've decided to do two things. History Lesson's and Freelancing.

All the organisations here belive that the best way to learn about history here is to do it. So they've set up ways to make runs, revolving around the big events of last few years. It's a great way to find out how we got to where we are.

However, it's freelancing that's taking up my time at the moment. All through the Matrix, there are programs or contacts that need something done. Something only a red pill can do. They don't seem to be fussy about the fact that I'm from Zion but they pay well, which is always handly.

Wheeee! Long Jump!

However, they do have their down side. Although I've never had to take on a fellow Zion operative, I do find I have to work with some people I don't want to. For example, I hate the ASP Gang. I was stuck running from them, fighting them and they were generally a pain in my backside for longer than any other gang I've delt with.

Nowadays, they stay respectfully away. I've taken enough of them down for them to realise it's not worth their time to try. Still doesnt't make me like them. But Now I'm running a few missions for Amber. She effectivly runs the ASPs and any work that I do for her, means I work for them. Talk about forget the morals and think of the money.

Still, it makes you think. What did those programs do for the machines before they ran into the matrix. I must admit the thought of being deleted once you've been superceeded does seem very hash. It would be the equivelent of a son killing off his father to get his job. No wonder they run. Still, that's the machines for you.

One thing I've always wondered, if you delete a program here, do they return to the source anyway? And what is this 'source'? In order for the Matrix to be reloaded, 'the one' was supposed to return to the source. The code placed inside the one, will have been extracted and the applied to the system. What happened to the Human part of him. Is there a contrust somewhere holding the other 'ones'? Or even, could these wireframe men, be the other 'one's?

Speculating, It's a great way to pass the time until you get another call from Tyndell.

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matrixrefugee said...

I'd have to dig around in my notes, but I think the A.S.P. gang are mostly programs once used to test the security systems for the Machines' mainframs, but Amber, one of the Spectrum clan, who lives in Rogers Way, hired them to protect her turf. Thus. A.S.P stands for "Amber Special Projects".

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