Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun in the Playground.

I've been very sociable this week. MindsweepX and Meself (Is that a gag on Smith's Me too line?) from the Black Code needed my help in the Playground. There are new clothes and gadgets available if you can collect the marbles dropped by these 'sleepwalkers' who appear from toy boxes. These toy boxes are bought and can only be opened in the playground. The idea is quite simple. Take out the sleepwalkers, loot the remains, trade the remains for new stuff.

Kicking Sleepwalker Bottom

The Playground construct has been written by Sati. The little girl who was looked after by Seraph and the Oracle. Well, I say a little girl, she's really a program. A program created by two other programs and by that process; their child. In the machine world, she has no purpose. She would have been deleted if the machines had been able to. However, you can't tell that she's a machine. she's as creative and as full as energy as any human child I know. The construct is pretty, colourful and bright, just like a child's drawing.

Reinforcements Had to be called in

But here's the interesting thing. Is she always going to remain a child? Will she learn and grow up or will she remain a child for as long as she exists. That's the difference between red pills and the Programs which live in the Matrix. Time in the Matrix is effectively frozen. For the bluepils, the year is always 1999. The Weapons, clothes and the most telling item, the phones, are all the same. Somehow, the architect has managed to work it that as you grow older, you're birthday moves backward, as does you're memories.

How can I explain it? By where a constant in time is. In the real, when you are born, that time is always a constant. You were born on the 1st January 1999, that will always be your birthday and time will always move forward. so by 2008, you're nine years old. However in the matrix, the constant has moved. It's not you're birth date that the constant, it's the year you're living in. You still get older, the nice year old is still nine but the matrix makes you think that you were born in 1990 instead of 1999. It fits your experiences retrospectively so what you did five year's ago fits in with the environment of 1994.

It's only when you become a red pill does the whole illusion become apparent. It's been almost five years since Neo stopped Smith, but to any blue-pill, that would have occur ed in 1994. The programs around since the beginning haven't seemed to change, the Frenchman is still as irritating as ever, his wife is still trying to find the definition to 'love'. Does that mean that although Sati gains new experiences and memories, she doesn't learn from them?

Is that the main difference between Human and Machine?

That's enough Philosophy, Tyndrell's calling!

Signing Off.

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