Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thinking out loud.

So Here I am, Standing on the roof of City Hall in Chelsea, looking south over the intersection. I can see the suspension bridge leading to Richland through the mist. I'm feeling in a melancholy mood so I thought I'd jot down a few notes of what it's like being a Red Pill for the last three years.

I'm a Hacker, a Coder and a even Miner when I want to be. I'm nowhere near my full potential but I know enough to be a pain in the arse to certain parties.
At the moment, I'm a miner. My visor is down and I can see the leaks everywhere. Ever since the new Mining construct has been discovered, nobody mines out in the neighbourhoods anymore. It's great because normally that means there are plenty of leaks to take advantage of.

It also give you time to think, thinking mostly about recent history. Everybody knows what happened to Neo, even all the blue pills know on a subconscious level. However, do they know about what's happened since? No chance.

We've lost so many, Morpheus, the Oracle, many of my friends and factions. The Goodfella's, the negotiators; all gone. Good crews either KIA or just faded back into the real. Even the radio is becoming more and more quiet.

I'm with the Black Code now. A better bunch of people you couldn't wish for. However, the same cannot be said for me. I'm only part time, I have a wife and two children in the real and they're needs are a higher priority to this virtual life but for the few hours when I am a red pill, I reel released. Ironic that I return to the simulation of a prison to feel free.

Most of the other Blue Pills I know, have the same amount of free time but they use it to watch sports. I find it ironic that they laugh at people they consider freaks, but they all dress up like their heroes in they're football strips and coloured scarfs.

Anyway, I'm letting my thoughts meander again and I do have to focus on the present. To be honest, I've kind of found myself directionless, since the Oracle died, the visions I used to look forward to seeing have stopped. Is this connected to the Oracle's death? Perhaps without her future sight, we can't see what's happening anymore. I'm now reduced to reading the newspapers and listening to rumours over the web.

The General is now part of the Merv's organisation, as is the remainder of any Anomie's Unlimits. Anomie is dead and good riddance to him. But the Merv now has this mythical Biological Interface. The Frenchman is always busy it seems and now he's holding all the cards.

It always makes me smile, perhaps we should just give this Machine-Human Interface to Ghost and Agent Pace and tell them to 'get a room'.

Ah Yes, The agents. Always fun to play tag with an Agent. The truce is gone, I didn't want it to be but there it is. The machines see New Zion as a lack of Trust and an Act of War.

At least you don't die now. It still hurts when the bullets hit, you still feel every punch but it's not as deadly as the last war. Mind you, it's not the same for the exiled programs and the blue pills, you die here, there's no coming back. The only way to die in the matrix is to be targeted by specially made kill code bullets. But the Agents don't use them that often and I do wonder if all this War is some kind of Act. It feels like they're pulling their punches.

But it wasn't the Machines who took the Oracle away from us. The Intruders, Halborn and Carlyne, the wire frame men from Oligarchs; they did that. They look so basic and crude yet they're able to defeat even the best of us. Where do they come from and why is the Biological Interface so important to them?

Oligarchs, an elite few secretly ruling millions/billions? Even the Machines don't want them back in here, are they a threat to even them?

So many questions, and do when have the time to answer them? Maybe, maybe not. Tyndrell talks to me about once a week to 'make a run for her'. They can be a challenge, and I know I wouldn't be good enough without my team mates. Still, all this corporate shenanigans is an agreeable diversion.

Anyway, it's time to mine and earn some money, Living whilst plugged in isn't cheep. Typical, the better you get, the more bills you have to pay.

Signing Off


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