Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Access Required

The time has come to get access to the more remote places in the Matrix. This means tagging an Access node and it's going to need a little bit of preparation. Under the original terms of the truce, All Red Pills (even the ones working for the machines) were limited to the Richland area of the Megacity. If you're found out outside that area, you get one of the greater agents chasing you. These are not twice as powerful as you could be, these are five times as powerful.

It gives you new respect for Neo, if he could take on hundreds of these (I'm thinking of the Smiths at the burly bawl). Strangely enough, the agents don't come after you in Richland, even though we're supposed to be at war. Not even the lesser ones which seem to be waiting for you at the occasional Hardline.

Anyway, I digress. Don't get me wrong, you can still go to the Forbidden area's but you start hyperjumping, fighting or, god forbid, Data Mining and the Machines will hear you. Next thing you know, you're running from the Greater Agents and trust me their bullets hurt a lot more than normal ones.

In order to get access to the forbidden parts of the Matrix, the Frenchman set up a load of access nodes. The idea is simple, you manage to tag an access node with the correct permission card and the machine's can't detect you're presence in that Neighbourhood. I can't believe I'm going to say this but 'Thank God' for the Frenchman.

However, it's never easy. The Frenchman has gangs all over the Matrix and each of their leaders carry an access card to another part of the system. It's just a case of selecting the right Gang Leader, kicking their bottom into the middle of next week, taking the card and finding the right access node.

I've decided to go after Big Dog. The gang leader of the Dog Pound. He's got the access key to Union Hill so you've got to put in some time to find where he hangs out.

Once there, expect a fight. You never get a chance for someone to hand an access card over. The animosity between the exiles programs and Red pills come to a head here and it's a hard fight.

However, a program will never be able to match a red pill when we're able to bend the rules.

Now we steal the card and start looking for the Access Node.

Once you find it, A quick Jump in and then out again before the other gang know what's happened.

Access Gained, Another area of fun and frolics are available to you.

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