Friday, October 17, 2008

Wheels within Wheels.

You can feel it in the air, something is happening. There is a feeling of underlying tension, which has been slowly building since the Oracle passed away. It’s all down to the Biological Interface Program.

Danielle Wright did not die, as the machines claim she did. She’s now confirmed as being Alive and well, if a bit transparent. She’s now a wireframe and the only side she’s on is her own. She claims that the BIP is hers. I.e. she created it, so she owns it. If she did create it, it blows away my theory that the BIP is part of the One.

There is now increased tension between the Kid’s Neo Worshipers and Cryptos' Machine extremists. You do get the feeling that the E Pluribus Neo and the Cypherites, under Veil, are going to have a head on clash quite soon. They’re pretty evenly balanced so they will probably wipe each other out. All I feel you can do in these cases is to take a step back and then help those in the fallout after the explosion.

I know that the Kid is back in the real and hurt somewhere. He was looking for the Oligarchs and due to the fact his hovercraft was attacked by Advanced Fighter Craft, it imply that there is something else out there. Now here’s the thing, what if Humanity wasn’t completely defeated by the Machines. We all now know that the machine defeat of mankind lead to creation of Zion but we only have the machine created archives in Zion as a basis for our history. Hell, we don’t even know how far we are in the future from our 1999 matrix frozen time.

Now, what if the Oligarchs are the descendants of that original war? An outpost of Humanity similar to what we through Zion was. Or were they on the Machine’s side at the time. Humans who sympathised with the Machine slaves that Humanity had created at the time. So many questions and boy do we love asking them.

However, I had a big moment last week. I was running through my Historical training missions and met Morpheus. That was unexpected and a pleasant surprise at the same time. I awoke not long after he had been killed but just to meet the man, even in simulation, was a thrill. I know the Frenchman wrote a simulation of him and released him into the Matrix. That program is trying to evaluate if he is Morpheus, just a copy or something else entirely.

In other news, The frenchman's wife, has decided that blue pills are worth the attempt to save. This is unusal for the bored, but devestatingly beautiful, housewife. She appears to have found new purpose to her life.

However, the real scarey thing was the latest mission I ran for Tyndall. It was the usual run around after the BIP however, it was working with the Morpheus simulation. Tyndall was spooked to say the least but to end with the 'knock knock' joke is unusual for anybody in the Matrix. I might have to re-evaluate my theory back to being BIP being part of the one.

It's a head scratcher.

Signing Off.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Suicide is no Solution.

Well, Here's a turn up for the books. It turns out that the 'Mistress' is a little depressed. She's been inquiring about oblivion (i.e. deletion). It's interesting to see that programs don't have any more solutions to the really big questions like 'why are we here?' or even Smith's favorite 'What is you're purpose in life?'

That the question I'm thinking of as I sit here in Debiner court, thinking about the latest twists and turns going online.

Debiner court is the site of the Burley Brawl. The second fight between Neo and the Smiths (That sounds like the new student band from Manchester). Anyway, I met the Oracle here once. She was trying to contact an operative called cloudwolf and a little discussion was had about the state of the matrix at that time. Such a nice old lady but as all things in the Matrix are never what they really seem, she was a program. Not just any program but one of the programs that created this virtual prison.

I was always curious about the fact that she was helping us. Was she programmed to? Was she like a prison warder who began to sympathise with the prisoners? She treated us all like children but only in the way she wanted us to discover and grow ourselves.

Why am I thinking about her so much? Because this is where she died. One of the Oligraphs, Halborn, killed her for this blasted biological interface program.

I'm beginning to suspect that the BIP is something more important that just a trinket for the Frenchman to chase. There are rumors that it's alive, semi-sentient. Here's my wacky theory. When the one was created, there was code inserted into the once which allowed him to do what he did, it was also this same code which had to be reinserted into the Machine central computer in order to reset the Matrix.

What if the BIP is the part of the one. The code but without a human host. That would certainly be worth all this effort. Imagine being able to duplicate the 'one' at your leasure.

Interesting thoughts.

Logging off.