Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holding Time.

There's not much to report at the moment, apart from the fact my abilities increased. Every now and then (after ages of running missions, tagging access nodes or just beating up ugly gang members), you get a sudden rush of awareness.

After that, you can remember more abilities, can upgrade you present ones but If you know enough, then you can get the higher level abilities.

Sound's straight forward?

In the Matrix?

You must be joking.

The Lower abilities are normally available from a vendor somewhere. However, the more advanced can only be hand written. This means you have one of three ways to get it.

1. Find a friendly coder who can write the ability for you.
2. Buy the ability off the Marketplace (A curious place where redpills buy and sell good to one another for very silly amounts of $info).
3. Code it yourself.

Normally I do option three. Which is always the cheaper of the options (Well, I am a Scot after all).

Yet again, there is now another problem. As I've already said in this blog before, You need to have the right pieces of code to create an object. Pieces of Code can be in turn be coded from the various amounts of bit's which are recovered from the various gang members or leaks in the system. However, There are one set of Code blocks that can't be coded. These are Red Code Fragments and there are only two ways to get them.

1. Ambush the exile gangs until you find a red flag in the remains of an exile.
2. Mine them from Data clusters.

There's another difference with coding abilities, As soon as you're awareness increases, you are suddenly aware of the code structure of these abilities. Normally, you have to decompile items to learn their 'recipe'. However, for some magical reason, we all know the building blocks which are required for an ability. Trust me when I say that this is not a complaint. Imagine how much pain we'd have to go through, otherwise.

Anyway, It's Christmas next week and some of us got together to celebrate the fact.

Looks like I'll be kicking Yeti Butt!

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