Sunday, September 28, 2008

The One Moment, EVERYONE remembers!

In every red pill’s growth there is this moment, you have learnt just enough about the Matrix to handle the Jump Ability. I think it’s the moment that most new starter red pills always look forward to. The first thing they do is load the ability and then head to the Tabor Park West Hardline.

There are two buildings here, just about the right height. You head up to the one of you’re choice and then prepare yourself to jump. Sure you’ve tried it before but instead you’ve fallen all eighteen stories and got a sore bottom for you’re trouble. As the traitor Cypher used to say, “Everyone fails the first time.” That included Neo, if you believe the legend.

But now you’re ready, you can do this. You focus on you’re landing spot, start running and then you activate the Jump.


Every Redpill handle it differently but the first time you land and look back at where you’ve been, all you can say is ‘Whoa’!

Of course, after that, you’re jumping everywhere and it’s the best defensive measure to get away from exile gangs or even agents. It’s a funny thing, it’s like the agents have forgotten how to jump. Before the war they could jump better than any of us and now they don’t.

But even after all the Jumps you do, you always remember the first time!


Logging Off.

Monday, September 22, 2008

After this, I'll need a little time to recover.

My virtual Lungs are burning, things have gone wrong and I mean very wrong. Hampton Green is overflowing with Lupines and I'm taking a beating. MindSweepX, Xanthian and I are part of a Zion group hitting the Merovingian's Hell club. Colt is attempting to retrieve the Biological Interface Program from the Frenchman. There are more of us than them, but they're a little bit better. All I can do is hang back and throw viruses to freeze them while Mind and Xan break heads.

Trying to hang back is a better way of describing it, I've been hit twice by these crusties and they're claws are sharp. It's at moments like these, when you're blood is spilling out over the pavement and you're sure you can feel rubble in you're mouth that used to be you're teeth, you forget it's not real.

I manage to just root the werewolf to the ground but she pulls out one of the biggest guns I've ever seen and levels it at me. God, this is going to hurt. But the bullets never come. MindX gets her with a flying kick to the head and follows with a roundhouse to drop her to the floor.

We have a moment to spare before the next lot come running at us. The Frenchman saved exiles from previous version of the Matrix. Vampires and Werewolves (or Goths and Crusties, as I like to call them) are amongst his best foot soldiers. But the can be a right pain in the neck (literally).

I get a spasm of pain and can see my ribs exposed outside my body, but then you remember that this is not you're body and it begins to heal. It is an odd sensation seeing the skin regrow over the wounds and feeling the bones click back into place. But it's the memory of that slashing claw that stays with you, is that how it would feel in real life?

There's no more time because I hear a Feral Scream as Ookami joins the fray.

Here we go again!

The full report is here and here!

Oh and in other news, Tamedragon has decided to change from Machine to EPN. Glad to have you back on the side of Zion (Kind of) but you do have to question the price of loyalty these days.

I've got to stay in the real for a while, but hopefully, I'll be back the in a while.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rebel Runner

I love the thrill of making a run through Downtown, where the gangs are still a challenge and I haven't tagged the access nodes yet. This means Agents. Not just the lower powered agents that appear when you appear in other districts, these are agents who have the abilities of Smith (before his confrontation with Neo). There's still tons I can do to stop getting bored, the trick is not to call Tydrell every five minutes. But there has to something said about jumping through the huge skyscrapers of Downtown. It makes you feel like a rebel without a cause! (However I come across as a rebel without a clue. !!!)

I do have a confession to make, I love the International District. There is something different about it. There's not the grime and degradation of west view or richland, it's claustrophobic alleyways always seem to throw up a surprise or two. For me, it's the best place to get things to together to code new clothes.

I've also given myself the goal of improving my wardrobe. It's not enough to be able to jump tall buildings in a single bound, you have to look cool while doing it as well. And it's about time I improved my threads, so they're a little more helpful when in a fight. One of the fun things about the matrix is that you're clothes don't have to obey the rules, just like you don't have to. This means you can code a bullet proof shirt that looks like silk or jacket which viruses will just bounce off. Very Handy, if you're surrounded by a gang with machine guns.

However, in order to be able to code these items, you need special pieces of code which cannot be written by using the bits and bytes you pick up from time to time. And this means, taking on the gangs which normally have them. These Red fragments of code are amongst the rarest pieces of code in the Matrix and on the Black Market they go for millions. Whether they're part of the exiles that I delete/kill or if those programs carry the fragment like they do their guns, I haven't been able to determine.

As I'm being fashion slave at the moment, I'm helping the SeamStress out. I always thought the superficial world of fashion design was cut-throat, it's just I didn't expect others to try and cut my throat over it. I mean in the real we all wear thread bare jumpers and badly fitting trousers, so I guess we need a bit of Glamour.

On the final subject of Glamour; Tamedragon, A machine operative, who also runs a propaganda radio station, had a party. There is a point where a red pill cannot grow anymore. They have reached their full potential. At this point, most decide to celebrate in some way. There is something to be said for the fact that when there is a party (like last week's wedding), all hostilities cease.

Next week however, she'll be back trying to kill me. Maybe I shouldn't have said that the pants she was wearing made her bum look big.

Signing Off

Phoenix Dfire

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Moment of reflection.

The truce was back in place this week for a very rare occasion.

A Wedding?!?

It was arranged at Cameron Heights Church and it was great to watch. It was very well organised and the effort by all Parties was fantastic. Hundreds of other Red Pills turning up to wish them well. It didn't matter if they were loyal to Zion, the Frenchman or the System, they were all there without a single gun being drawn or kung fu kick being performed.

At the reception afterwards, the usual happened, the ex-boy friend turned up and there was a fight on the dance floor (but not involving the ex surprisingly). It does seem that no-one can dance well at a wedding!

It's quite ironic that for these couple of hours, it didn't matter whose faction you were with but afterwards, we'd all be ready to take down the guy/girl we were dancing with earlier.

It is moments like this, I wish the truce could have held. I didn't want to make war with the machinist girls that night!

Oh! And it turned out that Ms Wright's demise has been greatly exaggerated and it now seems that she's either allied with the Oligarchs or she's managed to replicate their technology.

Another twist to the tale.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun in the Playground.

I've been very sociable this week. MindsweepX and Meself (Is that a gag on Smith's Me too line?) from the Black Code needed my help in the Playground. There are new clothes and gadgets available if you can collect the marbles dropped by these 'sleepwalkers' who appear from toy boxes. These toy boxes are bought and can only be opened in the playground. The idea is quite simple. Take out the sleepwalkers, loot the remains, trade the remains for new stuff.

Kicking Sleepwalker Bottom

The Playground construct has been written by Sati. The little girl who was looked after by Seraph and the Oracle. Well, I say a little girl, she's really a program. A program created by two other programs and by that process; their child. In the machine world, she has no purpose. She would have been deleted if the machines had been able to. However, you can't tell that she's a machine. she's as creative and as full as energy as any human child I know. The construct is pretty, colourful and bright, just like a child's drawing.

Reinforcements Had to be called in

But here's the interesting thing. Is she always going to remain a child? Will she learn and grow up or will she remain a child for as long as she exists. That's the difference between red pills and the Programs which live in the Matrix. Time in the Matrix is effectively frozen. For the bluepils, the year is always 1999. The Weapons, clothes and the most telling item, the phones, are all the same. Somehow, the architect has managed to work it that as you grow older, you're birthday moves backward, as does you're memories.

How can I explain it? By where a constant in time is. In the real, when you are born, that time is always a constant. You were born on the 1st January 1999, that will always be your birthday and time will always move forward. so by 2008, you're nine years old. However in the matrix, the constant has moved. It's not you're birth date that the constant, it's the year you're living in. You still get older, the nice year old is still nine but the matrix makes you think that you were born in 1990 instead of 1999. It fits your experiences retrospectively so what you did five year's ago fits in with the environment of 1994.

It's only when you become a red pill does the whole illusion become apparent. It's been almost five years since Neo stopped Smith, but to any blue-pill, that would have occur ed in 1994. The programs around since the beginning haven't seemed to change, the Frenchman is still as irritating as ever, his wife is still trying to find the definition to 'love'. Does that mean that although Sati gains new experiences and memories, she doesn't learn from them?

Is that the main difference between Human and Machine?

That's enough Philosophy, Tyndrell's calling!

Signing Off.