Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rebel Runner

I love the thrill of making a run through Downtown, where the gangs are still a challenge and I haven't tagged the access nodes yet. This means Agents. Not just the lower powered agents that appear when you appear in other districts, these are agents who have the abilities of Smith (before his confrontation with Neo). There's still tons I can do to stop getting bored, the trick is not to call Tydrell every five minutes. But there has to something said about jumping through the huge skyscrapers of Downtown. It makes you feel like a rebel without a cause! (However I come across as a rebel without a clue. !!!)

I do have a confession to make, I love the International District. There is something different about it. There's not the grime and degradation of west view or richland, it's claustrophobic alleyways always seem to throw up a surprise or two. For me, it's the best place to get things to together to code new clothes.

I've also given myself the goal of improving my wardrobe. It's not enough to be able to jump tall buildings in a single bound, you have to look cool while doing it as well. And it's about time I improved my threads, so they're a little more helpful when in a fight. One of the fun things about the matrix is that you're clothes don't have to obey the rules, just like you don't have to. This means you can code a bullet proof shirt that looks like silk or jacket which viruses will just bounce off. Very Handy, if you're surrounded by a gang with machine guns.

However, in order to be able to code these items, you need special pieces of code which cannot be written by using the bits and bytes you pick up from time to time. And this means, taking on the gangs which normally have them. These Red fragments of code are amongst the rarest pieces of code in the Matrix and on the Black Market they go for millions. Whether they're part of the exiles that I delete/kill or if those programs carry the fragment like they do their guns, I haven't been able to determine.

As I'm being fashion slave at the moment, I'm helping the SeamStress out. I always thought the superficial world of fashion design was cut-throat, it's just I didn't expect others to try and cut my throat over it. I mean in the real we all wear thread bare jumpers and badly fitting trousers, so I guess we need a bit of Glamour.

On the final subject of Glamour; Tamedragon, A machine operative, who also runs a propaganda radio station, had a party. There is a point where a red pill cannot grow anymore. They have reached their full potential. At this point, most decide to celebrate in some way. There is something to be said for the fact that when there is a party (like last week's wedding), all hostilities cease.

Next week however, she'll be back trying to kill me. Maybe I shouldn't have said that the pants she was wearing made her bum look big.

Signing Off

Phoenix Dfire

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