Friday, December 5, 2008

En Passant.

Well, Here's an old face that I haven't seen for a While. The Chessman, who lives at Tabor Park. His Latest set of Chess pieces have gone missing, so he'd like me to inquire where they've gone.

He's given me the address of the sculptress. Now, there are times when I load my ability maker abilities. Being able to decompile all the scavenged items and recode them at a later point is a great way to help out other red pills that are short of items. Some people sell them but I normally give them away for free.

Anyway, I digress. The sculptress can write code that I can only dream about so it was nice to meet such a master coder. Wish I could have asked her for some help with a new jacket of mine but she was in a rush.

One Location later, I discover the pound dog exile gang. Ironically, I just kicked they're backside to get my latest access key. Guess what, I had to hand them their butts back again. Eventually, I got to meet Big Sam. Now I quite like him and the thought of going up against him didn't settle well with me, thankfully all he wanted to do was talk.

Yup, he stole it and has it hidden. The Chessman didn't have a backup plan (which for him is unusual) so he resigned the game. Heck I don't mind being a gopher as long as I get paid, with a little bit of XP as well. Still there was some enhanced gloves for me as well. Pity I had better ones. ;-)

On the global front, Danniel Wright has been causing pain Downtown. I'm beginning to suspect what she's up to as well. She's trying to shutdown the Matrix. If I remember rightly, the Matrix was rebooted, every time zion was destroyed. The 'One' would then choose people to repopulate Zion and the whole thing would start all over again. However, if the one decided not to go along with the Machines, then the backlash would kill every human in the matrix and the machines would have just enough power left to wipe out Zion.

Why this didn't happen with Neo, is something I'm not quite clear on. But imagine this scenario, Wright manages to initiate the same kind of backlash which kills every blue pill in their pods. The machines now have limited power. New Zion, must then hold up against the machines until their power runs out. New Zion wins.

It's equivalent to what the Romans called poising the well. If you look at it logically, It's an avenue to victory. Morally, I have two serious issues with it.

1. We're supposed to free the Blue pills, not kill them.
2. We'd loose our program allies, Seraph and Sati.
3. We commit genocide against a race.

I know point 3 is what the machines would have done to us if it wasn't for the power thing, but it's this ability to look at things with more than Logic that makes us human.

It might be that Wright wants to hold the machines to ransom. "To have the power to destroy something, gives you power over it." to quote Dune.

Personally, I'd prefer the oracle's suggestion of co-operation, both human and machine working together. IMO, it's the only way to get our planet back to how it used to be.

Any comments on my theories are welcome as usual.

OH, and there was an interesting Party as well :-)

Signing Off.


Havohej said...

Hi. I'm a PotBS player interested in trying MxO... but I don't just go buying games without trying 'em out first. You wouldn't happen to have a buddy/trial key remaining, would you?

Thanks in advance! If you DO have one, I can be reached at

Phoenix_Dfire said...


Sorry, I don't have any Buddy keys but if you a member of MySpace. You can ask the very kind folks over at MXOSPACE, who have them by the ton.