Monday, September 22, 2008

After this, I'll need a little time to recover.

My virtual Lungs are burning, things have gone wrong and I mean very wrong. Hampton Green is overflowing with Lupines and I'm taking a beating. MindSweepX, Xanthian and I are part of a Zion group hitting the Merovingian's Hell club. Colt is attempting to retrieve the Biological Interface Program from the Frenchman. There are more of us than them, but they're a little bit better. All I can do is hang back and throw viruses to freeze them while Mind and Xan break heads.

Trying to hang back is a better way of describing it, I've been hit twice by these crusties and they're claws are sharp. It's at moments like these, when you're blood is spilling out over the pavement and you're sure you can feel rubble in you're mouth that used to be you're teeth, you forget it's not real.

I manage to just root the werewolf to the ground but she pulls out one of the biggest guns I've ever seen and levels it at me. God, this is going to hurt. But the bullets never come. MindX gets her with a flying kick to the head and follows with a roundhouse to drop her to the floor.

We have a moment to spare before the next lot come running at us. The Frenchman saved exiles from previous version of the Matrix. Vampires and Werewolves (or Goths and Crusties, as I like to call them) are amongst his best foot soldiers. But the can be a right pain in the neck (literally).

I get a spasm of pain and can see my ribs exposed outside my body, but then you remember that this is not you're body and it begins to heal. It is an odd sensation seeing the skin regrow over the wounds and feeling the bones click back into place. But it's the memory of that slashing claw that stays with you, is that how it would feel in real life?

There's no more time because I hear a Feral Scream as Ookami joins the fray.

Here we go again!

The full report is here and here!

Oh and in other news, Tamedragon has decided to change from Machine to EPN. Glad to have you back on the side of Zion (Kind of) but you do have to question the price of loyalty these days.

I've got to stay in the real for a while, but hopefully, I'll be back the in a while.

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