Sunday, September 28, 2008

The One Moment, EVERYONE remembers!

In every red pill’s growth there is this moment, you have learnt just enough about the Matrix to handle the Jump Ability. I think it’s the moment that most new starter red pills always look forward to. The first thing they do is load the ability and then head to the Tabor Park West Hardline.

There are two buildings here, just about the right height. You head up to the one of you’re choice and then prepare yourself to jump. Sure you’ve tried it before but instead you’ve fallen all eighteen stories and got a sore bottom for you’re trouble. As the traitor Cypher used to say, “Everyone fails the first time.” That included Neo, if you believe the legend.

But now you’re ready, you can do this. You focus on you’re landing spot, start running and then you activate the Jump.


Every Redpill handle it differently but the first time you land and look back at where you’ve been, all you can say is ‘Whoa’!

Of course, after that, you’re jumping everywhere and it’s the best defensive measure to get away from exile gangs or even agents. It’s a funny thing, it’s like the agents have forgotten how to jump. Before the war they could jump better than any of us and now they don’t.

But even after all the Jumps you do, you always remember the first time!


Logging Off.

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