Monday, July 20, 2009

Under the Weather

I must admit, the weather is getting wierder and the sluggishness is getting worse. It was black snow today. The sky is steal gray and it moves fast. It's like there is a storm overhead but you don't feel the wind.

It's Ironic to say that feels un-natural. When I was in Mara Yesterday there were two suns! TWO? Has someone been give Sati too much Sugar?

I was in downtown earlier, which is completly deserted. I don't think there was a single red pill though the entire district. Six months ago, I'd be scared of the history district. Now, the exiles here just ignore me. Fine by me. The Exile Gang I hate the most is still the A.S.P.s over at west view. I still head over and give them a good kicking just for fun of it.

But I'm always drawn back to Debir Court, watching the Black snow. That's when I feel a connection made.

I'm getting used to you turning up now.

"It is difficult to make this connection. If you can feel it, then it might mean it can be traced. So where did we get up to?"

Trinity taken from the Merovingian.

"Oh he was mad."

Much to the amusement of his wife.

"To be honest, I haven't seen Persephone so happy in years. But then they both saw the signal trace on Tesarova get to where they though her base was and then come right back."


"Oh yes, Back into the Matrix but without the wireframes."

So they used Trinity?

"Yup, chained into their server, held in place by firewalls that Machines can't even penatrate."


"Try imagining be held in a sensory deprevation tank. Not able to move, not being able to see, hear or even touch anything. It will only be a matter of time before a mind will crack."

So why did they come back?

"They wanted changes made to BIP. Make her more obidient."

She was fighting them too much.


But who would know how to change the BIP. IF the Machines could do it. They would have gone straight to the Architect. And I doubt that the Merv would have helped them after the trick they pulled.

"Who leaves?"


"Exactly. So they brought a few of their friends with them."


"Hunter Seaker Programs."

Well, they were off after the Kid and Veil?

"Hell no, Seraph."

Poor Seekers.

"Well, no. It took Veil, Niobe, The kid, Ghost and Seraph to deal with them. The machines tried talking to Helian but he wasn't having any of it. He wiped the floor with agents just like Neo used to. Still, Veil managed to upload the files to the train man. "

And you came back?

"The Trainman does owe me a couple of favors. I used one of them up. The only problem is then getting out of his contruct."

Didn't Neo have that problem?

"Yes, well not as much trouble as the Oligarchs had. There was an issue with trinty's program."

There are always bugs in a program.

"In order to stop the BIP being abused there is a logic trap placed into it. If someone tried to hack either Neo or Trinity, then it fires. The logic trap got Helian, after the Machines hit him with the big guns. All they found was his frozen RSI. When that happened, then Tesarova ran."

How did you get Veil to do what you want?

"The Cypherites want the Oligarchs gone and she's willing to do anything to get rid of them. Even working with the kid."

Ok, I'm with you so far. But the infrastrucure appears to be getting worse.

"I know, we're trying out best. But sometimes it's not enough."

And with that you can feel the connection break.

Not Good.

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