Friday, July 17, 2009

Corruption is spreading

There's a corrupter on the loose in Mara. These things are nasty. There's always one been on the loose in Barthy Way but it's no way as powerful as this one. It's a complete breakdown in the fabric of the Matrix, altering everything around it. Red pills are affected by it but it turns the blue pills mad. They go corrupt and attack. It's the only time that Zion allows Blue Pills to be killed.

The only way to delete the corruption is to take out the corrupted blue pills, the remains can be taken for analysis and from that code is generated to fix the problem. It looks like fly spray but it works. It takes a lot to deal with the one in Barthy Way but after analysing it this one is two or two and half times more powerful.

The sky is doing strange things as well. I've never seen it change so fast. One minute it's as hot as a sunny day, then it's pouring rain and then the snow comes down. Ever been to Edinburgh? well, it's like that but worse. If my contact is right, then the power drain else where is really beginning to bite.

I'm sat here, watching various red pills try their luck. Not many appear to have the Insecticide.

"How bad is it?" asks the voice.

Well, A corruption at Mara Central. I reply as a couple of Red Pills try and shoot the corrupter. It has no real effect.

"I didn't realise it was so serious"

I thought you were supposed to be all knowing?

"Well, I've really got my hands full over here."

OK, Whys Zion Not telling us about this power drain.

"Because they really don't know. Only Operatives who have a certain level of understanding can gain access to the Virtual Instance. As far as Zion's concerned, some of their crews have gone missing in action."

So Virtual is like the White rooms?

"Heck no, you can buy you're way into those. Virtual is different."

I don't like being a spectator, makes me feel useless. Nothing I can do?

"Well, just try and keep things contained here. It might divert some attention from Virtual to here, which would give us a bit extra. We could certainly do with that."

So what happened after next.

"Where did I get to?"

Veil and the Kid. Must have been a fun meeting.

"Well, I didn't think that the kid had so much discipline. He listened to Veil and accepted her proposal. The two of them, teamed up and went looking for the Trainman. "

Why him?

"Because in the trainman's construct, he's a god. And god's can do miracles."

Aha, I can see where that's going.

"All in good time. Helian and the Architech cut a deal. The Machines would hunt Trinity. But Zion, EPN, and the Cypherites stopped him at every turn."

Those three working together?

"The Cypherites want to free the machines from the Oligarchs. They're willing to work with anybody to achieve that goal."

Wow, another Miracle.

"The Merv thought he seduced Tesarova and she promised to capture Trinity, But then Morpheus attacked him."


"Sorry, the sim."

Oh. You got my hopes up there.

"Sorry, So the Frenchman figures that if the Morpheus Sim will Protect Trinity, so will Seraph. So arranges a strike against him using darts made out of Seraph's old pinfeathers. They're quite successful but He wasn't going to protect Trinity anyway."

So Trinity was ok.

"Unfortunately Not, Even though the Helian was stopped, there was no-one left to stop Tesarova, apart from Persephone. But Tesarova said something to her and she just stepped aside. Tesarova took Trinity back to the Merv."

Great, The Frenchman win's again.

"Not really, Because as Tesarova and the Frenchman are discussing what they can do, Helian turns up. Both Oligarchs have been working together and they both take Trinity."

Oh Crap.

"Well, the Merv wasn't that stupid. Tesarova was eating some of his cake when Helian turned up."

Aha, His tracking program.

"See you are quite smart sometimes kiddo."

I can feel the connection go and I'm left back in Mara, wondering what next. Just as I do a redpill called DeadCell fires some insecticide into the Corrupter and it implodes in on itself. He manages to pull from the remains one of the biggest hand guns I've ever seen.

Well, at least something good came of it. Unlike what happened to me when the corruption got me (See Below) Last time I saw a backside that big, it had a harpoon in it.

What The Heck happened here? Does my butt look big in this

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