Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm now hearing things?

Now I can hardly see the hand in front of my face. It's getting more difficult. I said yesterday it's like skimming cotton, now it's like walking through goo. The Snow's getting worse as well. I got jumped by a couple of yeti, who almost ripped me to bits. Not something you expect in the middle of Mega City.

I have reached a new level of understanding within the matrix. I can now heal a lot faster than I used to. This has already been put into practice against the for mentioned yetis but the glitches and problems keep on coming. Mara Central was over run by Japanese Demons. The usual Reb Pill crowd that hang round there soon saw them off but that's becoming more and more common.

In order to try and understand the mess we're in, I've been going over the old archive missions, since trinity reappeared. Could this breakdown be happening because the one was not returned to the source properly? I know we've still got two Oligraphs running about but I know nothing about them, could this be causing it?

Just when I ponder these questions, A voice pops into my head. "You want answers, well, if you got the time, I'll tell you how it should have gone." I know that voice from somewhere but I just can't place it.

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