Monday, July 27, 2009


Now this is strange. Mindx, Xenin and myself have just got away from the Sai Kung trap by the skin of our teeth. And here we are over at Hampton Green. There's appears to be a problem down the street, close to the hell club as matter of fact.

We can see a major battle shaping up round there.

"We red or blue on this?" I ask.

"What do you think?" replies Xenin.

"Red!" orders Mindx.

"No Suprise there." Xenin grins.

We charge in. There are lupines, corrupted and, of course, Agents all mixing it up. The body count is going up amoungst all of us when Xenin notices something from the entrance to the Hell Club. There is a man stood by the entrance in front of two boxes which are negating the matrix around them.

There is a man standing between them, the B0xMaster. Xenin tries to talk to him but he just gives vague threats and sarcastic comments about how the Frenchman has escape plans. It's hard to see what they could be. He going to try to rewrite a red pill and become human? Escape to his castles. Can you imagine that? You'd be like a prisoner by any other name.

If the Oracle is right, then he's only got six days.

I don't get a chance to find out more because before I know it we're under attack from Lupines. I've got to find out if Xenin was able to get anything useful out of him.

Then the mobile goes. The Kid is joining us in a couple of days.

What's next?

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