Thursday, July 30, 2009

Code Bombs.

A Cypherite called Pentothal tried to assassinate the kid last night. Not in the Matix but in the real. However, in order to do this he needed the location of the Neo's Hope. The hovercraft that's Micheal and the EPN's Flagship.

Now the kid has grown up a little, he put out some CPDs out into Debir Court to bring Pentothal out of hiding. He took the bait and a huge brawl kicked off in Debinr Court. The devices were eventually disabled but it meant that Pentothal was hounded all around Richland.

He was captured just south of the Tabor Park North Hardline and then taken away. What
people didn't find out about until later was an Operative called DaemonRoute had kill code bullets ready for Pentothal if he should fail to find the Hope. Just when we thought Pentothal was safe, he was shot and died both in the Matrix and the Real.

DaemonRoute was captured shortly afterwards.

The Problem I had was I couldn't ask the Kid if what my contact was telling me was true or not. Is there a 'Virtual Instance of the Matrix'? Are we loosing thousands of Blue Pills an hour?

If that isn't the cause of this Matrix failure, then what is?

Not as many Answers as I hoped for.

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