Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farming Hell.

How long does it take to get a red frag. I hate this part of the system. I really want a new ability but I'm missing a red frag to get it. So it's off to vauxton to break a few exile heads until I get one. These exiles are no where in the same league as me so I'm cutting through them like a hot knife through butter. Pity I'm not learning anything from it and there's no sign of this red frag.

Then The Voice starts again.

"Busy are you?"

It's OK. I can Multi-task! I reply as my Logic Bomb smashes through another runner. You do pick you're moments through.

"Well, this whole thing started with the new Oligarchs."

Helian and Tesarova?

"Well, they both want hold of the Biological Interface Program."


"Exactly. Problem is all orgs want her but for their own reasons. Zion, want to reclaim her. The Machines see her a threat and the Merovingian wants her to work for him. The Frenchman even offered her a new human body. She turned him down flat."

Looks like the lady has the world at her feet. Must be nice to be wanted.

"Anyway, the Oligarchs are after her as well but they both decided to try different ways to do it. Helian goes straight to the Architect and cuts a deal. Merv goes to Tesarova."

Oh Yes, He thinking he can work his charm with the ladies again?

"Well, he is french. Mind you, you know all he wants is her to work for him."

His Wife won't be too pleased with that.

"Heh, you have no idea."

So what else happened?

At this point an Agent appears.

aw pants! Gonna have to run.

It's one of the big ones. Two Jumps later, I've lost him but he almost got me. Crap! Those guns really hurt. I activate my new abilities and slowly the torent of blood running down my legs into my shoes, turns into a trickle and finally stop. I take a deep breath.

"You still there?"

Barely, please continue.

"Well, the Kid lost a lot of their infastucture in the real But they got a load of Intel about the Oligarchs and got ready to hit them."

Would he been able to take them out?

"Nope, That's when Veil got involved. The Cypherites don't want the Oligraphs anywhere near the Machines. She got through to the Kid that it would be a waste of effort and said that if he held off, they she's be willing to give him the code she stole from Shimada as well as the code the oracle gave her."

That's you right.

"Well, you'll see."

YOu could almost hear the smile.

"Oh By the way? Duck!"

I throw myself onto the floor. Bullets fly overhead. There's the same agent from earlier, empting his gun at me. I focus and Jump, all while checking for the nearest hardline. Who says blokes can't multi-task.

"I think they're after you personally now."

Because you're talking to me?

"Something like that!"

You're going to have to tell me why Zion hasn't said anything about this?

"Next time, You've got more pressing problems."

The Agent, is still following. I get to the Hardline and jack out. What have I got myself into?

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