Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've never seen it so bad.

Normally round mara central, we have a little faction war. It's where the redpills for each organisation let off steam by basically kicking each other's backsides. Good for stress relief I suppose.

But things are different, the Matrix is exploding, disintigrating and reforming around us at an exponential rate. The Specal Agents have become more agressive and don't get me started on the Corrupted.

For two hours straight, Mind, Pool and myself hit them with everything we had but it felt that the degration was getting worse, not better. And for once, most of the redpills worked together. I was fighting next to a Machine operative and at one point a fellow Zion Ballista, LittleWyvern, and I were fighting back to back.

I haven't heard from my contact for a couple of days, I'm just following her sugestion that we need to try and keep things running for as long as possible. Rumor is, the kid is comming to visit tomorrow and I for one am eager to hear what he's got to say. I don't even know if my contact is who she says she is or if we are loosing bluepills by the thousand. All I can say is this world is falling apart.

There are other rumours about the return of Neo or Morpheus as well but I guess, until We hear from the kid, I'll just keep on kicking agents.

"erm Guys, " Says LittleWyvern, "Look up"

Angels, about fifty of them, dropping down on us from the eye filled sky. This is going to be tough.

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